Your “Why” is taken care of: Creative Proccess Deconstructed

It definitely has been a rocky trip so far. Growing as a photographer, changing skins from commercial to fine art to i don’t really give a shit.
At first, it was rather fun to be oblivious. Not knowing the historical context and all the photographs taken before you got there.
It was fun, because it was not my burden. But that didn’t last too long. My rather silly decision to switch to Visual Arts from a perfectly fine Marine Biology degree. (Maybe it was the faint smell of formaldehyde in the lab. I much prefer the smell of Rodinal in the morning. )
You meet different artists throughout your journey. Some were born artists, and can not help but create! Some force themselves into the situation(art school) to stimulate their brain constantly and daily(most do not create after graduation and go onto more tangible daily dose of dreams). Some who could not get into any other degree they had chosen and art school was there to take them on. And some so wealthy that going to art school is just another mall to spend a bit of your day in. (at the end these are the ones that will be making a living from their craft)

Experimenting have been and still is the main purpose of my daily life. It is tough for people like me to go though their day in a routine. I can’t even bear the thought of eating my eggs the same way two mornings in a row.
All my closest friends do seem to purposefully avoid daily repetition. It is as simple as taking a different route to the studio. This really doesn’t apply to clothing. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to wear the same color shirt two days in a row. It is so much easier to wash six white shirts together than, having to separate the colors and the darks and the lights. Who has time for that?


All this experimentation lead to something bothersome.

*Being all over the map is an artists biggest enemy.

A confused audience will not only forget your name instantly but also be subconsciously hate you for trying to confuse them!
Selfish art will get you nowhere either. The work needs to be out there to get validated.
Benicio del Toro puts it very accurately in Basquiat; ” First you gotta dress right, then you gotta hang out with the right people, rich, famous people. And when you are not doing that, you gotta make work, all the time, same kind of work. So people don’t get confused. And when you are famous and airborne, you gotta keep doing it, the same way. that is if you don’t want people to get mad at you, which they will anyways”

The medium’s inability to relate each project, is very evident when you examine the contemporary photographers’ Personal and Commissioned work.
The looseness of the personal work seems to appear weaker than the paid work in most cases. Personal work lacks focus and intention. Much like the commissioned work of the great 16th century painters. As much as Michelangelo seem to have resented during, Sistine chapel ceiling is considered one of the biggest achievements in the painting history.

On that note, i think Milton’s minimal sculpture work is an undertaking of something very serious. A warning perhaps. Maybe time to change his litter box….


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