What Remains

Doing a little more thinking sitting around with a cold today.
The more i physically stay still, the less my mind seems to rest.
I was looking for more information on Sally Mann to give my students and came across this very unassuming documentary.
A sweet example of what small town, USA can provide to the artist instead of New York.
The life, the fresh air, the animals, the nature, the family, THE WORK is out there.

Unlike many great contemporary photographers like Avedon and Liebowitz, she didn’t wait until the people whom she loved were about to die to photograph them. Which was the main criticism towards her work.
Can the documentation of your family considered art if you are not famous?

It can be very tough to photograph the people who are very close to us just because it will take us a long time to realize the photographic value of an image. No matter how terrible a photograph might be, our editing process will not let us discard it because of the emotional attachment we have for that person thus the image.
Mann proves us wrong very bluntly. Her breathtaking pictures of her kids and husband(Imidiate Family)are not only a brilliant milestone but also portrays the love she has for each one of them.

Mann says ” Maybe i’ll let my family decide if i need another book. After all its pictures of them, its their work”




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  1. you are my hero.

    March 25, 2010 at 1:28 am

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