A chat with Holly Fisher

When the crackling voice of Jeanne Moreau speaks to you in words that can never be contained in a language,
Peter Lindbergh’s photographs will guide you through a journey that can only be explained through sounds of thousand orgasms, that lasts an hour and a half.
German Photographer, American filmmaker, Japanese composer and Jeanna Moreau. “Everywhere at Once” a very fitting title.
This is no movie review. This is no personal opinion. This is a reminder for me to be more receptive. Listening to every nuance is exhausting, and doesn’t seem humanly possible. But install a filter in your ears, filter out the junk and concentrate on the good stuff. Drench your ears in the genius nectar.

My brief chat with Holly Fisher was a fantastic way to end my night and not be able to sleep cause i can’t shut my brain off.

On the other hand, 8 rolls of Portra 400NC of yesterday’s shoot is being delivered to me from the lab today.


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