Happy +89 Years Turkiye

Happy Birthday Turkiye. Happy 89th

You have history spanning thousands of years in Anatolia, Europe, Middle East and central Asia.

You have 70 million people living, within your barbed wires, day to day with the burden of your long and controversial past.

70 Million owing nothing to the government, foreign politics and countless attempts to  sneak between the very front teeth of your energetic youth and  the passionate old and the loving mother.

I dedicate this book to you, I dedicate it to your every farmer, fishermen, doctor, artist, mother, child.

I dedicate It to your olive skin, I dedicate It to your eyes that I love so much. Your cracked hands from building this epic history one stone at a time.

Your job is NOT done. You have not expired, you have not won just yet. Not the time to sit back on your computer. Its time to put your brain on and walk out your door.

Its time you kick this devil off your soil. The devil you raised In your bosom. The devil inside you…

Happy Birthday my Turkiye. Happy 89th today, happy +90 tomorrow.



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