Foreground-Middle Ground-Background

A photograph is very much like a well written essay, paragraph or a sentence.

It needs a start, middle and and an ending. This is accomplished in certain ways

depending on the subject matter and genre of photography.

One thing that works for all aspects of photography is to layer your photograph with

complementary foreground, middle ground and a background.

This layering, combined with an intricate relationship between your “grounds” will allow the

viewer to keep their eyes within the framing and not lose interest.

The layers you are working with should not compete with each other in size, interest or color.

There can only be one (or two) main focal points and point of interest. Multiple points of interests

will only lead to visual clutter.

Happy shooting



One response

  1. Erhan

    Ordinary life contains long stories. Bravo Deniz

    November 7, 2012 at 5:39 pm

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