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Large Quarry




Another abandoned Chevy



Those Stacks

Those Stacks

Lil’ Express, Port of Vancouver, 2013

Neglected Adventure Machines Series

Deniz Merdano

Photo of the day

“Pair of Memories”, mount pleasant, vancouver, 2013



Cockroach crossing

Cockroach crossing

New Orleans
Hot and Sweaty
Deniz Merdano, 2013


Photography is not always about the sharpest, cleanest, properly framed shot.

There are many instances where exact opposite of every rule you need to follow gives you an Image far more interesting and narrative.

The line where descriptive and abstract start to play with each other is a delicate balance. It is near Impossible to precisely judge where the blurs and grain and motion are going to end

up in the image beforehand. It is taking a leap of faith and hoping for the best.

You can facilitate luck by following simple rules;

1) Shutter Speeds around 1/5s to 1/60s will give you an experimentation window.

2) Pre-focusing at a 3-5m distance to minimize blurry and fuzzy photographs at the same time.

3) Nothing worse than a blurry photograph of a fuzzy concept. – Ansel Adams

You should not start with an abstract idea. Start with a solid descriptive photograph and abstract(subtract unwanted elements) the image, not the concept.

4) Believe in your luck. You have no choice

5) Learn to shoot from the hip. You wont be able to see the photograph you are taking if you are glued to the viewfinder. Depending on the type of camera you are using, you may be better off with following your subject with your eyes rather than through the camera.

Good luck! and share your best results with us!


+90, a Photography Book

This is a small booklet representing the arrival of the completed book in October.

This booklet, designed by no other than Alan Ganev, finds potential sponsors who take personal interest in the project itself to make it happen. A small investment which returns with a well crafted physical products and a one of a kind print for the sponsor from the series.

Sponsorships are

SILVER      ($250-$350)

8×10″ Print

GOLD        ($350-$500)

11×14″ Print

DIAMOND ($700 and up)

16×20″ Print

Producer Credit

If any of these involvements interest you, please do not hesitate to contact for additional information.