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One Year Ago Today

One Year Ago Today

Free WiFi at the Town of ‘West’, Mississippi, 2013


The moment our headlights met

A little detail from the main map that took me through America summer 2013. May 28, trevor met us in a strange little camping spot outside of Memphis near Graceland. There was nothing graceful other than the soft spoken southern accent of the campground host Tom. With gigantic Copperheads around, we collected firewood and slept soundly in our vehicles after a few beers.




Million dollar view for $25.
It was honestly tough to cough up $25 to enter Grand Canyon National Park.
Part being on a tight budget for a month, part thinking that “how glorious can it be anyways?” that made the handing over the credit card to the silly hatted National Park Ranger.
When you breath through your day waiting for the right light and scenery, arriving at a place too early or too late can be very frustrating. especially after $25 fee.
I arrived at grand Canyon at 7:30pm, Just about the perfect light to crack open a cold beer and dangle my stupid flip flop wearing toes over the edge.
As I did.
Did not take many photos. I had driven many hours in a jeep with no air conditioning at 115Degree(44degC) weather.
I made a pact with Trevor(another silly soul who had his $25 doubts) to wake up at 5am to catch the sunrise.
I must photograph the sunrise. Less haze, less people, less sweat on my tired body.

This is what we saw. We took many different shots and footage for 2 hours as the light became less and less usable. I can think clearly now because I am sitting watching a quite different sunset in Southern California Coast right now.
Let me tell you, that $25 is a steal!

Come to think of it, maybe it is the rager’s hat that makes it unnerving to pay up $25. Put a well groomed man in a fine suit and take all my money!